Garden fence painting

We do various things in your garden but this time it is about our quality, efficient and cost effective garden fence painting service.

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Check out two quick videos about our garden fence painting service below.
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Fence painting service from TidyGardens.UK

Completed fence painting.


  • Ann Honeybill

    This is the third time that Paul and Eddie have done work in my garden for me. This time they painted all my fences - my house has a corner plot so there were 4 fences to paint! They also redid part of my patio that had become unstable from the effects of an incredibly hot summer and not being laid properly (by a different contractor!) in the first place.
    They completed all the work in 2 days and made some minor repairs to the fence as well. As usual they did an excellent job, were hard working, polite, professional and tidied up everything when they had finished.
    I highly recommend them for any gardening and landscaping work.

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