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trifolium repens

Lawn maintenance and lawn weeds identification - lawn treatment / weed killers

Lawn maintenance - common lawn weeds index veronica filiformis trifolium repens Trifolium dubium taraxacum officinale soleirolia soleirolii Sagina procumbens rumex acetosella Rumex acetosa Ranunculus repens Ranunculus ficaria Prunella vulgaris potentilla anserina poa annua Plantago spp Pilosella officinarum Luzula campestris Lotus corniculatus Leontodon spp Hypochaeris radicata Glaux maritima Geranium molle Crepis

garden returfing

Garden returfing

Over two days we have completed this returfing job in Tilehurst / Reading Returfing around 80m2 but also flattening future lawn areas and creating two flower beds separated with some oak sleepers. Today we visited this garden again to do some planting. Being a rented property we needed something easy

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