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Around the Reading area or bit further away …

Contact us with any question about our aerial photo shoots – aerial photography contact page

Quality Aerial Photography & Aerial Video Surveys

Aerial photography for individuals


  • If you’re just interested what’s around you.
  •  Selling a house and want to give your estate agency a ‘weapon’ to attract more interest.
  • To showcase your garden.
  • Aerial roof and building inspections.
  • Aerial memory of your house or favourite place.

Aerial photography for businesses ?


  •  Real estate aerial photography.
  •  A tool for developers to show off their great designs !
  • Any other commercial ventures are welcome !
Worried about prices ?

Unprocessed recordings for you to view / keep or edit


If you’re happy to receive raw ( unprocessed ) files then we could offer aerial shoots from 50£

Professionaly prepared video


Depedning on specifics but generally it would cost around 250£

 WORTH NOTING. We offer aerial shoots of the garden for any customer who’s booked us for any gardening work ! 

Just make sure you mention this offer when booking us in.

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