News from today !

I thought I’ll share a story.

Today I met a ‘lovely lady’ in Calcot who wanted pretty much grass cut on front and back garden. Narrow and difficult access to the back with lots of toys rubbish etc laying around. A dog inside the house.
Lawn at the back was surprising very healthy but grass hasn’t been cut for months. Was very long and laying flat.
Have asked about the dog and was told yes she’s allowed onto the grass but she’s also picked up all poos. Unfortunately didn’t have to search for it and already found a nice wet excrement. Means to me expect more flying as you strim the grass.
Considering all this I quoted 150£ with waste taken away.
I had a laugh in my face. First one ever but as we all know there has to be first time for everything.

This lovely lady has a gardener who charges per hour at a rate of 15£. Good for him and good for her. Hope they will both do well in future.

However it would be nice of that lovely lady if she behaved a bit with respect as I try to be, even for the most ridiculous gardening requests.

I hope you’ll read it Sara from Calcot.

Peace 😬

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