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Busy Saturday

Busy Saturday

Busy busy Saturday ..

Done three jobs today !

First one was a general tidy up of a garden which we'll be taking under our wings for fortnight regular maintenance. Customer very happy - hopefully we'll get some reviews from her shortly.

Second one was some turfing of a front garden. We've done edges on Friday so it was to finish it all off.
Here's some photos

A third one was a tiny garden clearance before some major make over takes places ( light, tiles, metal railing and planting ) We are going to do planting and some landscaping so please watch this space !

Patio repointing

Patio repointing

Patio repointing

Proud of this quick but so beautifully finished patio pointing job in Reading. We haven't laid the patio, but were asked to repoint it as whoever did lay it, put just a very weak mortar in joints. However even if that was a stronger mix it wouldn't solve the issue. Cement / sand mix as a pointing compound is a cheapest option but never a quality one. Mortar cracks and crumbles .. You need a special pointing compound which we used here and use on many other landscaping projects that we do. It is not cheap but long lasting and very effective.

It is not our first job in this garden. In the past we relaid part of the lawn, scarified and reseeded the rest, laid brick edging, created a new flower bed including planting of our choice.

Photos below.

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GOOD NEWS. We can still work during lockdown as long as there’s:

- no close contact with our customers
- good side access to back garden
- No food or drink is provided for us - easy 😬
- no one in your household has symptoms