Lawn edging construction and returfing.

Lawn edging construction and returfing.

Recent job included creating a new lawn area surrounded by paving blocks to act as a lawn edge

When I'm being asked to returf some gardens I often try to convince my customers to spend a bit more money and do it the right way!
Everyone who has a garden and lawn knows that they will need a lawn mower. Actually they think lawn mower is the only machine needed to look after their lawn, but is it ?

trimming lawn edge

On a photo above you see a man using grass strimmer. You have to use it if you won't plan / design your garden well. Strimming everywhere.. along the fences, walls, unedged flower beds and other inconveniences..

How about a simple solution like we did in garden below ?
- A simple block or stone buried in that sits flush with your lawn so you can run you mower along it and cut the edge nicely.
- It also prevents grass from growing into flower beds and your bulbs / flowers / weeds growing into the lawn.

Please check photos below and let us know what you think.

Please contact us if you require similar solution - lawn edging

Reading Landscaper. landscaping projects

Reading Landscaper. landscaping projects

Are you looking for a garden landscaper to improve your garden?. Reading Landscapers @ Tidy Gardens can do it for You

Few days ago our Reading landscaper started a new project that includes:

-  Removal of part of a wooden fence and a brick wall built instead.
-  Brick wall with a narrow planter at the bottom to accomodate some herbs / flowers..
-  Decking constructed ( 30m2 ) of hardwood timber ( western red cedar )

Some plants have to be moved as well to include japonica Hivernant and some roses. Still dormant time so these plants shouldn't have problems to adopt in a different place..

Our landscapers definitely recommend choosing hardwood decking boards. Few advantages of this material below:

-  hardwood has natural, rustic, authentic appearance that none of the coatings, paints etc used on softwood can replicate.
-  hardwood is exceptionally strong, durable and naturally resistant to rot and insect resistant. You pay more but you get a product that will outlast any other softwood constructions.
-  hardwood decking is generally a very good choice for longevity, beauty, and overall performance.

Below few photos of the area under construction..

One shrub ( japonica Hivernant ) transplanted

Some photos of the deck being constructed...

With spare wood we created this bespoke and unique garden table. It was designed to fit 8 people.

And finally some photos of the overall look.. New hardwood decking and a new brick wall with a planter box built in..

You can get in touch with us by following this link

End of season garden maintenance

End of season garden maintenance

We're in mid October and that is the end of season for your garden..

photo of a hedgehog
Nature is soon about to go for a winter sleep, like that hedgehog from a photo above.
Barbeques and all your garden furniture soon has to find it's space in a garage or other storage to keep it away from destructive winter forces..
Apart from clearing leaves off your lawn you probably don't think there's anything else worth doing at the moment.

I actually think it is a very good time to have a closer look at your garden and see if there's anything in need of repair or improvement.
What is it you should look at?

Assuming you have sorted out everything with regards to greenery in your garden like:
hedges and shrubs trimmed, perennials cut back, diseased plant/ branches removed, lawn mowed for the last time

You now have to look further..

  • Check retaining brick walls for damage/loose/missing bricks
  • Check and replace or improve your garden lawn edging
  • Check loose/cracked/wobbly patio slabs and replace if neccessary
  • Have a look at your fences in particular fence posts. Winter's rather windy so before they get knocked down you might want to replace them
  • Could be a good time to give your paths a good scrub if they are mossy - always better to prevent any slips and falls.
  • Clear out compost bins if of course compost is ready
  • Autumn's the best time for transplanting and planting new shrubs / trees / evergreens / perennials giving them enough time to establish good root system
  • Perfect time for lawn maintenance: moss and thatch removal, overseeding, lawn aeration
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