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Our garden services - PLEASE DO READ THE FOLLOWING

We do not work on hourly basis. Even if we did it would not be 10£, it wouldn't be 15£ or even 20£ per hour. If you're on a hunt for cheapest possible or unrealistly low paid service then please do not contact us. It is a business, and we have all the skills and expertise to do it. We provide quality, efficient and best possible service.
WE DO OFFEER A RANGE OF COMPETITIVELY PRICED GARDEN SERVICES but we're certainly not the cheapest, and we do not aim to be. We aim to be the best!
We ask you to not waste our time and we will not waste yours.

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garden tidy up
regular maintenance
hedge work
lawn cut
lawn aeration
lawn scarification
turfing / ground preparation and laying new turf
fence work - new fence lines and repairs
tree stump removal
patio work
decking work
garden design
planting / planting schemes

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Phone call might seem like the quickest way but when at work I might not be able to answer it .. Please accept my apologies if I don't answer or call back but be assured that I will respond to each email I receive.

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