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Coronavirus <-> Gardening

How is coronavirus affecting Tidy Gardens? Are we still doing our business ? We are being affected by less than usual amount of enquiries which translates to the amount of work we get however our regular garden maintenance visits are being caried out as usual. We are...

End of tenancy garden tidy up

Garden tidy up for a tenant   When it's time to leave a rented property and hand it back over to the estate agency,  usually the tenant is obliged to leave garden in good condition. This certainly was not a good condition so we had been asked to tidy it up.GARDEN...

Old apple tree - pruning

An old apple tree needs a bit of grooming .. but it has to be done over a couple of yearsWhen it comes to fruit tree pruning you might think that one season will be enough to bring back a tree from a total mess to a well structured, healthy and fruitful tree but no it...

Little planting in Tilehurst

Small, shady patch at the front of the house has had a small makeover. Previously two euonymouses and various weeds. We kept euonymouses, added 5 sweet boxes and topped it all with plenty of ajugas.   Perfect choice for shady areas like this one.

Autumn lawn treatments

NOW is the time to rejuvenate your lawns and make your neighbour jealous! 😉 Today we have done our first such treatment this autumn. - aeration - scarification - grass seeding A couple of weeks and results should be visible! If you'd like to see what a single pass...

Turfing job - small garden in Reading

Small garden turfing job in a new-built house in south of Reading It was a good morning warm up job. We've cleared, rotavated with added quality compost, levelled and laid turf rolls... but hang on ...we've also watered, tided up afterwards, and gave few words of...

Garden tidy up - lots of weeding !

Weeding your garden is important and should be done regularly but what if someone didn't have time for it ? Call us in - we'll be happy to help. Here's some photos from today. ...

Innovative garden edging

Garden edging options - so underused! Instead of me reinventing wheel - have a look at this link below ! It pretty much shows you all available garden edging options GARDEN EDGING OPTIONS

Small garden landscaping & turfing

More videos about this landscaping project in Reading on our Youtube channel Check it out, subscribe and stay up to date !

Oak sleepers in a garden

If you ever use sleepers in your garden always use hardwood. Oak being hardwood will last a long time either as an edge, retaining wall or raised beds. Here’s latest project in pictures.

Commercial - garden maintenance

Tidy Gardens can and does provide garden maintenance for commercial clients / businesses Today we've visited our local law firm. They like to make tidy work of your affairs and we do like to tidy up their front garden ! 🙂 First impression counts ! so keep your front...

Landscaping. Day with a digger

What's been keeping one man busy from 7am till 7pm ? Master digger operator has been at it since 7am. Finished just after dusk.. I'm happy with the result, customer seems happy ! Would You be happy ? [gallery type="divi" link="file" size="large"...

Mechanical lawn treatments - aeration and scarification

March! perfect time to reinvigorate your lawn - aeration and lawn scarification Yesterday we had a perfect day to do some mechanical lawn treatments. It's best to do it once a year - more is not really a better option in this case. We had done two gardens. Hollow plug...

Stumps removal - difficult access

Earlier today we have removed a medium size stump from a very tight corner. Never let a self seeded tree to grow when it shouldn't grow - that's first advise but if you had let it go wild and one day you go "what the heck it's doing here" ... well we're here to help...