Autumn lawn treatments

Autumn lawn treatments

NOW is the time to rejuvenate your lawns and make your neighbour jealous! 😉

Today we have done our first such treatment this autumn.
– aeration
– scarification
– grass seeding

A couple of weeks and results should be visible!
If you’d like to see what a single pass with a professional scarifier can pull from your lawn – watch the following video.

To book us for the job please get in touch!

Mechanical lawn treatments – aeration and scarification

Mechanical lawn treatments – aeration and scarification

March! perfect time to reinvigorate your lawn – aeration and lawn scarification

Yesterday we had a perfect day to do some mechanical lawn treatments. It’s best to do it once a year – more is not really a better option in this case.
We had done two gardens. Hollow plug aeration followed by light scarification. If you’d like to read more about this service or book it with us then please follow this link

Please do visit this page in awhile – I will add photos of the same lawn and how it reacted to these treatments.
Fingers crossed !

New and better lawn area

New and better lawn area

Lawn renovation is pretty much possible in any case, but the important thing is – can you wait few months ?

If the answer to the above is no and there is a budget for it then why not call us ?

Two days of work have seen this front lawn totally changed. Edges have been defined, poor sandy soil improved with lots of compost – all that well rotovated and levelled, finally a new turf laid which, will now have the best conditions to show it’s colours. Mowing with such well executed edge will also be a breeze for the owner.

Have a look please and get in touch if you’d like to get our quotation on something similar.

Lawn care

Lawn care

Lawn aerating – crucial service if you require a beautiful lawn

Over here in Reading / Berkshire a very common soil type is clay, if not heavy clay. Clay soil is a good base to build on, but you can’t just leave it to itself.

What are clay soils like?

  • heavy
  • high in nutrients
  • in winter clay soils are wet and cold
  • in summer clay soils can get extremely hard and dry

I do recommend to mix clay soil with lots of compost ( 50/50 ratio ) that help with drainage. It’s easily achieved when setting up new areas / flower beds, but what if we have a lawn sitting on
heavy clay soil ? We could still make considerable improvement and lawn aeration is one of them!

LAWN AERATION – are there any benefits of it?

Main benefit of lawn aeration is opening up the soil which leads to reduction in soil compaction and drainage improvement.
Decompaction, better drainage, better air penetration – these are all benefits of lawn aeration which in my opinion is a best service you can offer your lawn to improve its appearance !

LAWN AERATION vs other lawn treatments / chemicals

Aeration is a mechanical process, no chemicals are being used. In my opinion it really is a best service you can get for your lawn. Unless PH level of your soil is beyond an optimal spectrum for grass growth of 5.5 – 7 there really is nothing better.. but wait .. there’s chemicals…You might think I can buy lawn fertilisers, herbicides, moss treatments and yes indeed you can! Using these chemicals will surely help your lawn quickly, BUT it is only a short term solution. Once you stop these treatments your lawn will quickly go back to what it looked like before.
Let me paraphrase..
Chemical lawn treatment is like a bodybuilder on steroids.. You’re not building strength in your lawn to make it withstand everyday stress. Chemicals will make your lawn look good but
they won’t make it feel healthy and you will constantly need to spoon-feed your lawn.

Do we offer this service ?

Yes ! We do offer an affordable lawn aeration service ! and our prices start from 50£ for a single treatment

Aerating if done correctly and unlike lawn mowing is only required twice / possibly once a year.
We offer lawn aeration service either as a one-off or as part of our regular maintenance visits.
Please do contact us if you require more information or if you would like to book our lawn aeration service

You might also want to read more about common lawn weed identification here

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