End of season garden maintenance

End of season garden maintenance

We’re in mid October and that is the end of season for your garden..

photo of a hedgehog
Nature is soon about to go for a winter sleep, like that hedgehog from a photo above.
Barbeques and all your garden furniture soon has to find it’s space in a garage or other storage to keep it away from destructive winter forces..
Apart from clearing leaves off your lawn you probably don’t think there’s anything else worth doing at the moment.

I actually think it is a very good time to have a closer look at your garden and see if there’s anything in need of repair or improvement.
What is it you should look at?

Assuming you have sorted out everything with regards to greenery in your garden like:
hedges and shrubs trimmed, perennials cut back, diseased plant/ branches removed, lawn mowed for the last time

You now have to look further..

  • Check retaining brick walls for damage/loose/missing bricks
  • Check and replace or improve your garden lawn edging
  • Check loose/cracked/wobbly patio slabs and replace if neccessary
  • Have a look at your fences in particular fence posts. Winter’s rather windy so before they get knocked down you might want to replace them
  • Could be a good time to give your paths a good scrub if they are mossy – always better to prevent any slips and falls.
  • Clear out compost bins if of course compost is ready
  • Autumn’s the best time for transplanting and planting new shrubs / trees / evergreens / perennials giving them enough time to establish good root system
  • Perfect time for lawn maintenance: moss and thatch removal, overseeding, lawn aeration
Clearing and turfing. Another garden makeover.

Clearing and turfing. Another garden makeover.

Another little gardening project in Lower Earley / Reading, which involved clearing and turfing of the back garden.

I tried to shoot some more photos this time, so please have a look and let me know what you think.

This garden has been landscaped before around 2002. Originally it used to be just lawn, then after 2002 it has seen the abundance of various features including some nice ornamental posts, wooden sculptures, water features and a decking which after more than 10 years has fallen apart.
I think every garden needs to have some open space which was missing here..
We have recreated it so hopefully all the grand children will be able to enjoy this garden more..

Tidy Gardens are you there ?

Tidy Gardens are you there ?


It’s been awhile..
It’s May, it’s hot and above all it is dry !
I just wanted to say I’m still alive and still in business !

At the moment it’s all about mowing mowing mowing.. Long grass, short grass, thick grass, patchy grass, regular mow, one off mow.. mow mow mow..

lawn mowing

I haven’t got a minute to even scratch my bum ! not to mention writing another post.
If I get something worth putting on a website I will do it. In the meantime if you need me then call or text please

Enjoy everything because everything will end one day 🙂

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