Turfing service – Tidy Gardens Reading

Turfing service – Tidy Gardens Reading

Turfing service. A helping hand for my friend who had his back garden / patio revamped by builders but at the same time lawn totally devastated by the very same people.

Area rotovated, compost added and new turf laid.

Few photos from the day.

And another one few days later
turfing service

Turfing. Recent garden project  20m2

Turfing. Recent garden project 20m2

Front lawn, garden makeover. Turfing and block edging.

Small 20m2 area has been damaged by previous building project.
Client wanted to returf the area only, but we’ve managed to push a bit with an extra option and with a really good result!
We enclosed the lawn with a nice edging using paving blocks. This in my opinion significantly improved the lawn appearance and
made it easy to maintain – with no edging/strimming after every lawn cut.

What do you think ?

Garden services – summer’s nearly here

It’s been awhile since my last post, but it’s not like it’s been quiet. On the contrary, plenty of garden services going on.

Spring is here, summer’s approaching so Tidy Gardens are very busy sorting out your gardens!
It is mainly regular garden maintenance now. So things like weeding, spraying, lawn mowing. Just keeping on top of it!

We still feel the impact of recent storms in a way that there’s no fencing products available !!
We do have quite a few jobs lined up and we’re still waiting for all the materials to commence work !
Hopefully all the fencing stuff will be back in stock by the end of April and we can then crack on and build these fences !

Below few pictures of what we’ve been up to recently.

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