Winter plants worth having

Winter plants worth having

Attractive and beautiful winter plants ?

Winter in your garden doesn’t have to be grey, leafless and boring. With the right planting you can make it even more attractive in winter than it is in the summer !


Evergreen plants play a vital role in garden structure. Not on their own but in connection with the right underplanting you will have a beautiful garden all year round !


Yes there are plants that flower beautifully in late autumn, early winter. See some on this page below. However it’s not just about the flowers. Some shrubs have gorgeous and colourful stems for example.


Smell .. most summer flowers give off amazing scents, so it’s easy in the summer. For winter there’s also few less known.. read on

Tidy Gardens – Reading

Gardener in Reading

Tidy Gardens – London

Gardener in London

The most beautiful plant I always admire at the end of gardening season, to me surely it is “NERINE BOWDENII”

It’s colour is out of this world, especially around the grey reality of autumn.
It’s a bulb which multiplies and grows each season giving even more colour each following year.

One warning if you decide to plant it. Don’t burry it deeply. It’s bulbs need to be right at the surface.



NERINE BOWDENII and it’s bulbs

See below more of the plants I find most powerful when it comes to winter attractiveness


Late autumn / winter flowers


Late autumn / winter flowers


Winter flowers plus berries. Black berries come with sarcococca confusa, red berries you will find on sarcococca ruscifolia.
The most amazing and sweet fragrance when you’re around them in Late December / January in the UK.

Now some more plants that others would recommend for winter gardens however these are rather early spring show offs .. Flowering from around March in the UK.


flowers March through April

Witch hazel

Late winter / early spring flowers


In the Uk it come give gorgeous blossom between April and May.

Cornus – dog wood

Flowers in the summer but very distinct and brightly coloured stems throught the winter make it a quite attractive winter shrub.

Now… if the above is new to you, give it a go and try these in your garden ! Alternatively if you’d like to have a winter garden or a winter border created for you then just get in touch ! We will do it for you.

Little planting in Tilehurst

Little planting in Tilehurst

Small, shady patch at the front of the house has had a small makeover. Previously two euonymouses and various weeds.

We kept euonymouses, added 5 sweet boxes and topped it all with plenty of ajugas.


Perfect choice for shady areas like this one.

Landscaping. Day with a digger

Landscaping. Day with a digger

What’s been keeping one man busy from 7am till 7pm ?

Master digger operator has been at it since 7am. Finished just after dusk..
I’m happy with the result, customer seems happy ! Would You be happy ?

Check out this video – quite hypnotising 😀

Planting in Shinfield, Reading.

Planting in Shinfield, Reading.

We’ve done some planting together with turfing and edging job for this customer in Shinfield already

, but we’ve been asked to come up with ideas for another area… So the idea was to create something like below

Originally the area was quite empty with one biggish viburnum and looked like this

Once cleared and rotovated it turned into a plain field..

And here we have started … Lonicera’s are in as a frame for some flowering perennials – we’ve given them 5 enclosures, one more than originally planned. Also some background along the fence – this one is my favourite plant.. wait and see for yourself, we should have that completed shortly.
Now waiting for more plants to be delivered..

Planting started but not yet completed

TO BE CONTINUED … updated 09-12-2018

Cryptomerias have arrived, nice and biggggg.
We didn’t want them to wait so it has all been planted same day!

Plants and planting

Plants and planting


We can provide you with your desired plants. We can source them and plant them in.
We can also design a planting scheme based on your likes.
Be it a single feature plant or a list of different varieties – Tidy Gardens have know-how and will get you these at the best possible prices.

Just get in touch with us. We’ll be happy to help

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