Turfing job – small garden in Reading

Turfing job – small garden in Reading

Small garden turfing job in a new-built house in south of Reading

It was a good morning warm up job.
We’ve cleared, rotavated with added quality compost, levelled and laid turf rolls… but hang on …we’ve also watered, tided up afterwards, and gave few words of advise about after-care ๐Ÿ˜‰

Landscaping. Day with a digger

Landscaping. Day with a digger

What’s been keeping one man busy from 7am till 7pm ?

Master digger operator has been at it since 7am. Finished just after dusk..
I’m happy with the result, customer seems happy ! Would You be happy ?

Check out this video – quite hypnotising ๐Ÿ˜€

Gardening in January 2019

Gardening in January 2019

Mid of January 2019 and we are getting busy – pruning, hedge trimming, garden tidy ups, shrubs and trees removal

This week we are fully booked up – just before a forecasted cold snap expected to hit us very soon, but will it ? ๐Ÿ˜‰
What’s been done and what’s still ahead of us is listed below:

    • On Tuesday a garden tidy up ( trimming, strimming, mowing, green waste removal and laurel hedges cut ) – DONE

      You can read review of this job under this link.We did have a small incident with a strimmer and a stone – unfortunately it does happen every few years which means it won’t happen for awhile now !! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • On Wednesday some fruit trees pruned and a big leilandii hedge trimming – DONE

  • Photos below:


    • On Thursday medium tree to be pruned, and quite a few medium sized budleia trees uprooted – DONE

      You can read a review of the above mentioned job here

    • On Friday a garden tidy up including another budleia removal and privet hedge reduction – DONE


      Let’s see what the next week will bring us – hopefully snow !!!


      Landscaping a garden. New patio – Calcot / Reading.

      Landscaping a garden. New patio – Calcot / Reading.

      Landscaping back garden. New patio area in a garden in Calcot

      Not beating about the bush let’s see what the patio area looked like before and after.

      And some still photos of the same area..

      Our job was to remove old decking, clear out old patio, and gravel. Install new gully and channel drains including all the connections needed.

      The next stage planned for this garden by the owners is to lay artificial grass – someone else’s job as we don’t do it.
      Due to the above the edges around the new patio have been left as is.

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