Turfing gardens around Reading

Turfing gardens around Reading

Turfing gardens in Reading. We use top quality turf supplied by Warfield Turf services.

We either use:

  • a premium turf which has superior appearance.
  • or RTF turf which has some other benefits to it like; drought resistance, ability to withstand being waterlogged, better shade tolerance, also self repairing feature due to its rhizomatous growth

Before laying turf we prepare the ground in the best possible way. We rotovate, level, incorporate organic matter into existing soil to support new laid turf.

If you would like a turfing quote in Reading or surrounding areas please contact us

Have a look at the gallery below - Turfing gardens in Reading.


Below few photos from a front garden where we have done some brick edging and laid RTF turf. Last photo taken two weeks after job was completed. You can see how well RTF turf has established.

Thanks for watching.

Garden hedges cut / garden borders redone / fence erected

Garden hedges cut / garden borders redone / fence erected

Summer's over but weather's still very good and we're certainly not slowing down!

In this garden we have:

Tidied up the borders, removed all the vegetation, roots, debris and old membrane. Layed down a new weed membrane and filled up these borders with beautiful white Cotswold stones.

Cut the hedges

Put up a new fence

All done in my favourite neighbourhood - Lower Earley / Reading.

Clearing and turfing. Another garden makeover.

Clearing and turfing. Another garden makeover.

Another little gardening project in Lower Earley / Reading, which involved clearing and turfing of the back garden.

I tried to shoot some more photos this time, so please have a look and let me know what you think.

This garden has been landscaped before around 2002. Originally it used to be just lawn, then after 2002 it has seen the abundance of various features including some nice ornamental posts, wooden sculptures, water features and a decking which after more than 10 years has fallen apart.
I think every garden needs to have some open space which was missing here..
We have recreated it so hopefully all the grand children will be able to enjoy this garden more..

Fencing project in Bracknell

Fencing project in Bracknell

Fencing project. New fence in Bracknell

See below some photos of what the area looks like now.

I dismantled today what's been left of that former fence and prepared the area..
That fencing job should be finished tomorrow. If everything goes to schedule I'll post some photos soon after.

The fencing materials for this project include:

- Concrete posts
- 30cm concrete gravel boards
- 1.5m closed board fence panels
Giving the total fence height of 1.8m

All above supplied by a local friendly fence suppliers based in Winnersh.

Soil level on the other side of fence is much higher therefore I opted for 30cm high concrete gravel boards - to create a strong barrier and keep fence panels off the ground and extend their life.
Obviously any wood that is in direct contact with moist soil will rot much quicker..


Job finished on time.
Below final pictures of this fencing project.
On one of them you can see the fence from the neighbour side. Soil level is much higher there.


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