Coronavirus  Gardening

Coronavirus <-> Gardening

Photo of SARS virus which displays coronavirus crownlike appearance

How is coronavirus affecting Tidy Gardens?

Are we still doing our business ?

  • We are being affected by less than usual amount of enquiries which translates to the amount of work we get however our regular garden maintenance visits are being caried out as usual.
  • We are also experiencing troubles sourcing plants – a lot of these come from mainland Europe. Haulage is currently restricted in some ways.

Gardeners at work are quite isolated and lonely human beings cry. We work mainly on our own or in small teams so we pose no major risk of infecting other people whilst at work.

You can limit it even further by staying home and letting us do our normal chores in your gardens. We will still do a great job without those cookies and coffees. We can catch up on these later in the year



Being isolated doesn’t mean you have to be confined to four corners of your house. You have four corners of your fence ! Why not go out into your garden and spend some time there. Having us for garden maintenance means that you can enjoy your garden even now, whilst doing whatever you like in there.
Leave all the other bits you don’t want to do for TIDY GARDENS team!


* 23-03-2020 UPDATE

Following government announcement today I have stopped doing quotations / estimates on home / garden visits. No home / garden visits will take place for the purpose of an estimate as we have to limit social contact.


  • you can contact us with information / photos and based on this alone we might be able to give estimates. To get in touch please use our contact form.
  • our regular garden maintenance visits take place as usual.

Work can only be carried out as long as there’s no close contact between us and our clients. Please help us to limit this to a bare minimum.


Photo of SARS virus which displays coronavirus crownlike appearance


and it comes from BBC website

People working alone, providing community services such as gardeners or window cleaners can continue to work.
“If they can go about their business safely this can be good for the community and we would encourage them to do so,” said Ms Sturgeon.

* 26-03-2020

Considering today’s announcement about help for self-employed due to coronavirus I do have a question to You guys!
Am I, an employee of my own limited company ? or am I self-employed?
Which scheme do I qualify for?

– Coronavirus self employment income support scheme ?

– Coronavirus job retention scheme ?



Gardening in January 2019

Gardening in January 2019

Mid of January 2019 and we are getting busy – pruning, hedge trimming, garden tidy ups, shrubs and trees removal

This week we are fully booked up – just before a forecasted cold snap expected to hit us very soon, but will it ? 😉
What’s been done and what’s still ahead of us is listed below:

    • On Tuesday a garden tidy up ( trimming, strimming, mowing, green waste removal and laurel hedges cut ) – DONE

      You can read review of this job under this link.We did have a small incident with a strimmer and a stone – unfortunately it does happen every few years which means it won’t happen for awhile now !! 🙂

  • On Wednesday some fruit trees pruned and a big leilandii hedge trimming – DONE

  • Photos below:


    • On Thursday medium tree to be pruned, and quite a few medium sized budleia trees uprooted – DONE

      You can read a review of the above mentioned job here

    • On Friday a garden tidy up including another budleia removal and privet hedge reduction – DONE


      Let’s see what the next week will bring us – hopefully snow !!!


      Front garden tidy up

      Front garden tidy up

      We do work in big gardens but we also do work in small ones

      A small front garden tidied up was a first thing this morning, followed by a much bigger job where we have trimmed lots of tall hedges.

      Call Paul /