Gardening in January 2019

Gardening in January 2019

Mid of January 2019 and we are getting busy - pruning, hedge trimming, garden tidy ups, shrubs and trees removal

This week we are fully booked up - just before a forecasted cold snap expected to hit us very soon, but will it ? 😉
What's been done and what's still ahead of us is listed below:

    • On Tuesday a garden tidy up ( trimming, strimming, mowing, green waste removal and laurel hedges cut ) - DONE

      You can read review of this job under this link.We did have a small incident with a strimmer and a stone - unfortunately it does happen every few years which means it won't happen for awhile now !! 🙂

  • On Wednesday some fruit trees pruned and a big leilandii hedge trimming - DONE

  • Photos below:


    • On Thursday medium tree to be pruned, and quite a few medium sized budleia trees uprooted - DONE

      You can read a review of the above mentioned job here

    • On Friday a garden tidy up including another budleia removal and privet hedge reduction - DONE


      Let's see what the next week will bring us - hopefully snow !!!


      Front garden tidy up

      Front garden tidy up

      We do work in big gardens but we also do work in small ones

      A small front garden tidied up was a first thing this morning, followed by a much bigger job where we have trimmed lots of tall hedges.

      Busy Saturday

      Busy Saturday

      Busy busy Saturday ..

      Done three jobs today !

      First one was a general tidy up of a garden which we'll be taking under our wings for fortnight regular maintenance. Customer very happy - hopefully we'll get some reviews from her shortly.

      Second one was some turfing of a front garden. We've done edges on Friday so it was to finish it all off.
      Here's some photos

      A third one was a tiny garden clearance before some major make over takes places ( light, tiles, metal railing and planting ) We are going to do planting and some landscaping so please watch this space !

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