Garden raised beds and vegetable garden tidy up

Garden raised beds and vegetable garden tidy up

In a rural area of Berkshire we were asked to redo eight raised beds, also remove four other patches and change it back to gravel area..

We used 6x2 ( 15cm x 5cm ) wood boards which should last a long time..

Photos speak for themselves so please have a look below:

New fence trellis - installation

New fence trellis - installation

If you need a fence trellis to obscure view from/to your neighbours..

Good neighbours are always welcome but sometimes you need that little bit more of privacy. I supplied and installed a fence trellis on top of a brick wall to provide that extra privacy.
Here's a couple of photos. Before and after.

Materials for this project:

- lattice diamond fence trellis
- 4x2 pieces of timber in required lengths - nicely finished with smooth edges, that will look much better.

For even better finish you might want to cut one side of supporting posts at an angle. ( see the picture )
Obviously drill etc but if you have a similar situation to the one in this garden you might also need a grinder to cut a piece of a slate at the top of wall so that the supporting wood sits flush with the wall.
The rest is pretty obvious.

Do it yourself or give me a call.

Snow clearing services - expect worst winter since 1947

Snow clearing services - expect worst winter since 1947

Snow clearing this winter.

Long range weather forecasters warn about the worst winter in 60 years.
Let's hope they are wrong, but if it will materialize you should get yourself prepared.

Snow clearing equipment like snow shovels, snow pushers, a bag of salt or grit. It will all help to keep your pathways clear and prevent lots of injuries for yourself or a passerby.

Unlike most of European countries UK law doesn't oblige you to clear snow off the path near your house, but shouldn't we all do our bit to keep pathways near our homes clear? As much as the outside of our property legally is not our responsiblity, it is a different story when it comes to internal pathways.

Under the Occupiers Liability Act 1984, householders do have a duty towards visitors, so if a postman or delivery man slips and injures himself on your drive or garden path then you most certainly can be sued.

Having aforementioned in mind if you won't be able to keep up with the weather then have my number at hand. Snow clearance - click here

Have fun this winter and keep that snow away!

snow clearance snow clearing

General maintenance - Reading

General maintenance - Reading

On top of strictly gardening services, I also do general maintenance.

Please don't hesitate to call me with your enquiry.

Today ( 28/09/2013 ) I have done a re-felt of a shed roof for a young lady who after recent heavy rain found out that it was leaking.

If you act in time you might save yourself a bigger bill. As the water seeps through a roof, it makes a wooden structure rot faster.

Please see photos of before and after work.



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