End of tenancy garden tidy up

End of tenancy garden tidy up

Garden tidy up for a tenant


When it's time to leave a rented property and hand it back over to the estate agency,  usually the tenant is obliged to leave garden in good condition. This certainly was not a good condition so we had been asked to tidy it up.



  • weeds removed
  • green waste taken away
  • other waste left neatly on one side


Old apple tree - pruning

Old apple tree - pruning

An old apple tree needs a bit of grooming .. but it has to be done over a couple of years

When it comes to fruit tree pruning you might think that one season will be enough to bring back a tree from a total mess to a well structured, healthy and fruitful tree but no it
isn't enough. Most of the time you need to allow few years to reshape such tree.
Tree we have done recently had lots of water sprouts ( suckers ) that haven't been removed after someone else before did what it seemed to me like a major reduction ..
It had some rubbing, crossing branches and some dead ones..
Decision was to remove suckers, crossing / rubbing branches and some dead ones. No reduction this year as this would have been too much in my opinion.
Turfing job - small garden in Reading

Turfing job - small garden in Reading

Small garden turfing job in a new-built house in south of Reading

It was a good morning warm up job.
We've cleared, rotavated with added quality compost, levelled and laid turf rolls... but hang on ...we've also watered, tided up afterwards, and gave few words of advise about after-care 😉

Garden tidy up - lots of weeding !

Garden tidy up - lots of weeding !

Weeding your garden is important and should be done regularly but what if someone didn't have time for it ?

Call us in - we'll be happy to help.

Here's some photos from today.

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