One days worth of work in a garden

One days worth of work in a garden

A team of gardeners for a day ? – I’m sure you wonder .. what could they do in a day.

For quite a few reasons gardens can quickly become unmanageable  for customers and this is when our team can quickly turn it around. 

Please see photos below. In most gardens follow up visits will be required especially when some nastier weeds are present. In this garden for example we had loads of green alkanet which will be treated with a weed killer later on.

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One day garden tidy up

At the bottom of this page please see some photos “before and after?” of our one day work on a  garden in Twyford / Berkshire.

If you do need to find out more about our services then please check them out under the link just below.

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One day garden tidy up / garden maintenance in London

Based in Reading we provide our services here but also in West London. Garden maintenance in west London

Garden needs a tidy up ?

Garden needs a tidy up ?

One day garden tidy up

Have you ever wondered what a team of professional gardeners could do in a day ?
Check out more garden tidy ups by our team !Read what our customers said about us

It wasn’t our first visit to this garden. We have done a tidy up in the same garden  about three season ago. Back then it wasn’t much better and generally our work involved mowing, strim, cut back and brambles uproot. I have to say it isn’t a great feeling when you see the same garden in such a horrible state again! after you’ve given your 100% to really make it nice and managable but, having said that quote was given and job was accepted.

This year the work here involved:

  • bring grass to a manageable level
  • trim hedges
  • trim / cut back various shrubs
  • prune some smaller trees
  • remove ( uproot ) all coarse grasses from the front garden as well as from half of the back garden
  • remove ( uproot ) all the brambles in front and back gardens.
  • tidy up afterwards
  • take away all green waste


I hope photos will tell you more about our day in this garden. HERE WE GO

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End of tenancy garden tidy up

End of tenancy garden tidy up

Garden tidy up for a tenant


When it’s time to leave a rented property and hand it back over to the estate agency,  usually the tenant is obliged to leave garden in good condition. This certainly was not a good condition so we had been asked to tidy it up.



  • weeds removed
  • green waste taken away
  • other waste left neatly on one side


Garden tidy up – lots of weeding !

Garden tidy up – lots of weeding !

Weeding your garden is important and should be done regularly but what if someone didn’t have time for it ?

Call us in – we’ll be happy to help.

Here’s some photos from today.

You can also check out our YouTube channel and a video of this job below
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Tidy Gardens – YouTube – garden tidy up video

Gardening in January 2019

Gardening in January 2019

Mid of January 2019 and we are getting busy – pruning, hedge trimming, garden tidy ups, shrubs and trees removal

This week we are fully booked up – just before a forecasted cold snap expected to hit us very soon, but will it ? 😉
What’s been done and what’s still ahead of us is listed below:

    • On Tuesday a garden tidy up ( trimming, strimming, mowing, green waste removal and laurel hedges cut ) – DONE

      You can read review of this job under this link.We did have a small incident with a strimmer and a stone – unfortunately it does happen every few years which means it won’t happen for awhile now !! 🙂

  • On Wednesday some fruit trees pruned and a big leilandii hedge trimming – DONE

  • Photos below:


    • On Thursday medium tree to be pruned, and quite a few medium sized budleia trees uprooted – DONE

      You can read a review of the above mentioned job here

    • On Friday a garden tidy up including another budleia removal and privet hedge reduction – DONE


      Let’s see what the next week will bring us – hopefully snow !!!


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