One day garden tidy up

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It wasn’t our first visit to this garden. We have done a tidy up in the same garden ¬†about three season ago. Back then it wasn’t much better and generally our work involved mowing, strim, cut back and brambles uproot. I have to say it isn’t a great feeling when you see the same garden in such a horrible state again! after you’ve given your 100% to really make it nice and managable but, having said that quote was given and job was accepted.

This year the work here involved:

  • bring grass to a manageable level
  • trim hedges
  • trim / cut back various shrubs
  • prune some smaller trees
  • remove ( uproot ) all coarse grasses from the front garden as well as from half of the back garden
  • remove ( uproot ) all the brambles in front and back gardens.
  • tidy up afterwards
  • take away all green waste


I hope photos will tell you more about our day in this garden. HERE WE GO

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