If you need a fence trellis to obscure view from/to your neighbours..

Good neighbours are always welcome but sometimes you need that little bit more of privacy. I supplied and installed a fence trellis on top of a brick wall to provide that extra privacy.
Here’s a couple of photos. Before and after.

Materials for this project:

– lattice diamond fence trellis
– 4×2 pieces of timber in required lengths – nicely finished with smooth edges, that will look much better.

For even better finish you might want to cut one side of supporting posts at an angle. ( see the picture )
Obviously drill etc but if you have a similar situation to the one in this garden you might also need a grinder to cut a piece of a slate at the top of wall so that the supporting wood sits flush with the wall.
The rest is pretty obvious.

Do it yourself or give me a call.

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