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New fence trellis – installation

New fence trellis – installation

If you need a fence trellis to obscure view from/to your neighbours..

Good neighbours are always welcome but sometimes you need that little bit more of privacy. I supplied and installed a fence trellis on top of a brick wall to provide that extra privacy.
Here’s a couple of photos. Before and after.

Materials for this project:

– lattice diamond fence trellis
– 4×2 pieces of timber in required lengths – nicely finished with smooth edges, that will look much better.

For even better finish you might want to cut one side of supporting posts at an angle. ( see the picture )
Obviously drill etc but if you have a similar situation to the one in this garden you might also need a grinder to cut a piece of a slate at the top of wall so that the supporting wood sits flush with the wall.
The rest is pretty obvious.

Do it yourself or give me a call.

Garden clearing

Garden clearing

Garden clearing

I had to cut down a line of conifers and remove their roots.

garden clearing-conifers to be removed

Also to be removed two bushes

garden clearing-shrubs to be removed

Below photos of what it looked like after

garden clearing-trees removed

garden clearing in Reading

garden clearing-garden cleared

Tree roots removed as well.

garden clearing-tree root to be removed

garden clearing-tree roots removed

Paul @Tidy Gardens

Paul @Tidy Gardens

I never had any photos of myself working in a garden simply because there was no one to take them 🙂
However this weekend I did some work for a passionate photographer and he offered to take some for me!

Good or bad ?
Here they are..

Fence repair – panel / post replacement

Fence repair – panel / post replacement

Fence repair

Timber fencing looks lovely and utilises a beautiful natural resource, but
inevitably it will rot. Pressure treated fence panels usually have a 10year guarantee and they will most probably last that time, but fence posts might not even last half of that time. The most important factor is the amount of moisture they are
exposed to over the years.

Fence repair – post replacement.

wooden fence repair post replaced
What you need:

  • spade or better a fence post digger
  • digging bar, ideally a jackhammer 🙂 – to break up concrete around the post
  • some gravel to put at the base of a hole – help to drain water away from the post
  • bag of postcrete – sets in around 20min
  • spirit level

How to do it:
Dig out old post. Post hole depth = 1/3 of the length that will be above the surface.
Put some gravel at the base of the hole
Stick new post in
Make sure it’s level
Fill 1/3 of the hole with water and add postcrete
Cement will set soon so make sure post is levelled well.

Fence repair – panel replacement

fence repair panel replaced
How to do it:
Remove old panel, easy if you have a decent crowbar.
Stick new panel in and secure with galvanised nails ( 75mm ) or use fence panel brackets.

Sometimes it won’t be that easy. New panel might not fit in just like that. If the gap is slightly smaller than your new panel then you are going to have to cut it to size.
That’s fairly easy:
Take off ( pull nails out ) two vertical battens that run along the edge of the panel.
Cut off as much of the planks as you need.
Reattach battens.

Job done.

Tree service

Tree service

Tidy Gardens – Tree service

I was doing some garden maintenance in a Lower Earley / Reading area yesterday.

It was in the morning and that was the start of the windy period that last until the morning following day. There was one dead tree in the garden and it started moving about at the base of the trunk when wind picked up a bit.. It wasn’t a huge tree but was about 8m high. Big enough to cause damage to the house if fell down on it. I adviced for it to be cut down. It was a rented place and landlord was informed. I left, but few hours later I had a phone call asking if I could come again to cut it down as wind was picking up..
I set off as soon as possible, and just after I arrived that tree has fallen down. It collapsed onto a fence. I cut it up and removed it off the fence.

Lucky that it did not fell onto a house.

Act in time !

dead tree, Gardener tree serviceTree service – Tidy Gardens


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