2 apple tree stumps removed in Earley

2 apple tree stumps removed in Earley

Today we have removed two apple tree stumps from a garden in Earley / Reading. Stump grinding was only a part of a bigger autumn tidy up in this garden which included general tidy up, lawn cut and hedge trimming.

Stump removal / Stump grinding service

Stump removal / Stump grinding service

We can provide efficient and cost effective stump removal / stump grinding service.

Stump grinding means we will turn your ugly and obstructing chunk of wood into wood chips and make the area useable again! We can simply fill the hole with wood chips or relawn the area. You also wouldn’t have to worry about any funguses which often establish itself in stumps and might affect other plants in your gardens.

You can check here some of the tree stumps we have removed recently

Here at Tidy Gardens we specialize in stumps that might not be of a 100 year old trees but are in awkward and inaccessible for heavier machinery parts of your garden. We can deal with stumps in terraced house gardens where the only access to the back is through the house. Having said this we can also deal with massive stumps, therefore please send us your enquiry and we will be in touch swiftly.

Our service price starts at 40£ a stump so even if you only have a single stump in your garden but want to see it gone then please contact us via form at the bottom. You would still save yourself considerable amount of money as if you were to hire any stump grinder you would be looking at 150-200£ for a day. On top of that it’s your time and effort to get that machine over to your house and do the work.

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    It would be very useful to have a photo of stumps. Please attach if possible.



    Edging in garden using paving blocks

    Edging in garden using paving blocks

    Never underestimate the importance of separating flower beds from lawn areas. Edging in garden can be done using various materials.


    Most recommended material by us for edging in garden will be paving block ( concrete paving block ) Be it an edging block in red, brindle or charcoal colour. These are the colour options.

    Cheaper of course would be materials like log rolls – various designs. We don’t recommend these. Will not last long and of course you still need a strimmer to cut the grass along this edge.

    Most expensive one is of course natural stone. Comes in different shapes, colours, sizes and prices… Very good choice if your budget allows for it.


    Ok.. so without further ado please see for yourself and let us know what you think.

    Before and after edging work in a garden. Click on photo to browse.


    Landscaping in Reading

    Landscaping in Reading

    Landscaping in Reading. Landscaping project now completed.

    I reckon it’s best to show some before and after photos. I also have a movie before and after so you can judge for yourself how good are work had been.
    We followed a vision of an owner who knew exactly what he wanted albeit not from the very start, which caused some problems along the way.
    We at Tidy Gardens would stipulate on proper thorough plan before any work is carried out. We are happy to discuss, advise and suggest our best ideas that we think will meet your desires before we start the project.

    For this garden, the owners first vision was to have a semi circle pathway running between two entrances to the garden, from either side of the house. Then a large lawn area in the middle and flower beds between newly created pathway and a fence. Owners idea evolved into a patio area and another line of flags to be added along the house. Ultimately the lawn area was closed inside a small ellipse.

    There’s still planting to be done, which the owner wants to do himself.

    Without further ado..

    Photos before

    Photos after


    Please have a look at the video showing the garden before this landscaping project

    And the same video after landscaping has been done

    Majority of landscaping work was done in the back garden, as shown on photos above. However, we have also been asked to shrink the front flower bed, therefore extend the driveway to accommodate 2 cars. It’s been done using same paving blocks to match the existing driveway.

    Here’s what the driveway looks like after our landscaping work.

    If you are looking for a landscaping company for landscaping work in Reading, then why not give us a call or drop us an email

    Landscaping Reading – contact form

    See you soon

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