Stump removal / Stump grinding service

Stump grinding service

We can provide efficient and cost effective stump removal / stump grinding service.

Stump grinding means we will turn your ugly and obstructing chunk of wood into wood chips and make the area useable again! We can simply fill the hole with wood chips or relawn the area. You also wouldn’t have to worry about any funguses which often establish itself in stumps and might affect other plants in your gardens.

You can check here some of the tree stumps we have removed recently

Here at Tidy Gardens we specialize in stumps that might not be of a 100 year old trees but are in awkward and inaccessible for heavier machinery parts of your garden. We can deal with stumps in terraced house gardens where the only access to the back is through the house. Having said this we can also deal with massive stumps, therefore please send us your enquiry and we will be in touch swiftly.

Our service price starts at 40£ a stump so even if you only have a single stump in your garden but want to see it gone then please contact us via form at the bottom. You would still save yourself considerable amount of money as if you were to hire any stump grinder you would be looking at 150-200£ for a day. On top of that it’s your time and effort to get that machine over to your house and do the work.

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    Tree stump removal
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    Tree stump removal service around the Reading area. Please do get in touch with your requirements. One of us would usually visit the site first in order to give you a confirmed price.
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