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Few days ago our Reading landscaper started a new project that includes:

-  Removal of part of a wooden fence and a brick wall built instead.
-  Brick wall with a narrow planter at the bottom to accomodate some herbs / flowers..
-  Decking constructed ( 30m2 ) of hardwood timber ( western red cedar )

Some plants have to be moved as well to include japonica Hivernant and some roses. Still dormant time so these plants shouldn't have problems to adopt in a different place..

Our landscapers definitely recommend choosing hardwood decking boards. Few advantages of this material below:

-  hardwood has natural, rustic, authentic appearance that none of the coatings, paints etc used on softwood can replicate.
-  hardwood is exceptionally strong, durable and naturally resistant to rot and insect resistant. You pay more but you get a product that will outlast any other softwood constructions.
-  hardwood decking is generally a very good choice for longevity, beauty, and overall performance.

Below few photos of the area under construction..

One shrub ( japonica Hivernant ) transplanted

Some photos of the deck being constructed...

With spare wood we created this bespoke and unique garden table. It was designed to fit 8 people.

And finally some photos of the overall look.. New hardwood decking and a new brick wall with a planter box built in..

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