House sale garden tidy up

House sale garden tidy up

Are you thinking of a house sale?

Are you thinking about how best to present your house ?

but what about the garden ?

Do not forget a well presented, tidy, clean garden can make a huge impact upon your potential buyers.

Believe me it’s not about trying to charm your buyers or you might think cheat them by making the garden look better than it really is. No it is not about this. It is actually about showing your potential buyers the full picture of the garden, the full potential, full size.

I have seen and worked in many gardens. Many of them so overgrown that even it’s owners after we’ve done our work were amazed how big their garden really is !
Don’t make that mistake and book us in to do work in your garden before it goes for sale!

Our first job in 2017 was to tidy up front and back garden of the house that was going for sale very soon.
This time there’s no photos instead just few words left for us as a review of this job.
House sale garden tidy up review

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