Lawn aeration.. do you want a better looking lawn ?

We have aerated and top dressed about 300m2 of this lawn last year. I started a regular lawn cut in this garden again this year and had a chance to see the results..

Below a photo right after aeration and top dressing.
Unfortunately I haven’t got an earlier photo but I’m sure you can see a terrible state this lawn was in. It suffered from a severe compaction, it was difficult to stick a knife few cm in..
It was dry and more brownish than green..
Few other photos show the same lawn this year. It recovered fully and quickly after our lawn aeration service which allowed more air and nutrients to get to the roots.

It is worth mentioning that not every lawn will benefit as much from aerating as this one. Some lawns don’t even need aeration and could benefit more from moss treatments, overseeding, scarification or simple lawn feeding.. .
Let Tidy Gardens assess your lawn and provide best treatment it requires.

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