Edging in garden using paving blocks

Edging in garden using paving blocks

Never underestimate the importance of separating flower beds from lawn areas. Edging in garden can be done using various materials.


Most recommended material by us for edging in garden will be paving block ( concrete paving block ) Be it an edging block in red, brindle or charcoal colour. These are the colour options.

Cheaper of course would be materials like log rolls - various designs. We don't recommend these. Will not last long and of course you still need a strimmer to cut the grass along this edge.

Most expensive one is of course natural stone. Comes in different shapes, colours, sizes and prices... Very good choice if your budget allows for it.


Ok.. so without further ado please see for yourself and let us know what you think.

Before and after edging work in a garden. Click on photo to browse.


Lawn edging construction and returfing.

Lawn edging construction and returfing.

Recent job included creating a new lawn area surrounded by paving blocks to act as a lawn edge

When I'm being asked to returf some gardens I often try to convince my customers to spend a bit more money and do it the right way!
Everyone who has a garden and lawn knows that they will need a lawn mower. Actually they think lawn mower is the only machine needed to look after their lawn, but is it ?

trimming lawn edge

On a photo above you see a man using grass strimmer. You have to use it if you won't plan / design your garden well. Strimming everywhere.. along the fences, walls, unedged flower beds and other inconveniences..

How about a simple solution like we did in garden below ?
- A simple block or stone buried in that sits flush with your lawn so you can run you mower along it and cut the edge nicely.
- It also prevents grass from growing into flower beds and your bulbs / flowers / weeds growing into the lawn.

Please check photos below and let us know what you think.

Please contact us if you require similar solution - lawn edging

Lawn edging | block paving bricks | turfing

Lawn edging | block paving bricks | turfing

Most of us have lawn in our gardens. Most have some sort of lawn mowing equipment at home as well, but how about lawn edging?

If you are thinking about having a new lawn then think how you are going to maintain it.
Mowing along the edges, fences, deckings etc is not that simple unless you took some care in designing your space.

Think about lawn edging. These can be your friend every time you go out to mow your lawn. Bricks or stones put down flush with the surface of the lawn make mowing a pleasure. You don't have to strim the edges or do anything else apart from running the mower with one wheel on the edge.

Here's some pictures of a returfed area together with a newly created lawn edge along the fence made with block paving bricks.

Few photos of another garden that had lawn edging done.
Before and after photos below

Planting in Shinfield, Reading.

Planting in Shinfield, Reading.

We've done some planting together with turfing and edging job for this customer in Shinfield already

, but we've been asked to come up with ideas for another area... So the idea was to create something like below

Originally the area was quite empty with one biggish viburnum and looked like this

Once cleared and rotovated it turned into a plain field..

And here we have started ... Lonicera's are in as a frame for some flowering perennials - we've given them 5 enclosures, one more than originally planned. Also some background along the fence - this one is my favourite plant.. wait and see for yourself, we should have that completed shortly.
Now waiting for more plants to be delivered..

Planting started but not yet completed

TO BE CONTINUED ... updated 09-12-2018

Cryptomerias have arrived, nice and biggggg.
We didn't want them to wait so it has all been planted same day!

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