Garden planting for this difficult space near a big oak tree

It’s a difficult small garden. There is a big oak tree which overshadows most of that space.
I believe good plants have been selected and it will make it look much more presentable and enjoyable. Here’s some photos of what it looked like before:

Raised beds did not impress, plants near the fence ( scotch broom, holly, rose ) did not thrive.

I have planted camelias in between 2 shrubs ( fatsia japonica, choicia and … who knows that one? ) Camelias do well in half shade or even full shade. Soil is also acidic so that’s a good combination for camelia.

I got rid of holly, rose, scotch broom and another shrub and planted a line of spotted laurels which will do very well in a shadow area.
spotted laurel - garden planting

Raised beds have seen a total makeover.
Replanted with hypericum ( John’s Wart ) and Vinca ( periwinkle ) together with some other small ground covering plants.
Vinca can be invasive but in these raised beds can easily be managed or removed if needed.
raised bed garden planting

raised bed garden planting

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