I would like to share with you a little tip that might save you time, effort and your money.
There will be times when you would like to change something in your garden. Maybe create a new flower bed, redo an exisiting one, or get rid of a flower bed and create a patio or some
other low maintenance area instead. You might find that whilst doing it you stumble across a hard piece of wood stuck in a soil called a tree stump or shrub stump or a biggish root !


If you call for a gardener and it turns out to be me than thank you for your business 🙂 !

However a small stump removal isn’t that difficult with the right tool!

I decided to quickly write something about it, after today’s experience.
I got an email titled “bush root removal” asking for a quote to remove two roots which the customer couldn’t get out himself. I got there ready to quote and schedule that job for sometime next week but to my surprise these roots could have been dealt with there and then. Even with my trainers on 😉
Customer managed to pull out another root earlier which was about half of the size of two remaining. It took him about 1.5h to do it with a spade and a fork.

Small stump removal

Now how to do it..
You need to be able to lift few pounds and crucially get yourself a right tool for the job !
Not a spade, not a fork ! and as much as you would love to use it, not a chainsaw ( goes blunt in no time when soil/dirt gets onto the chain )

All you need is…
A digging bar to remove a root / stump
digging bar to remove roots / small stump removal

It basically is a very strong rod, usually and inch in diameter with one end pointed and the other shaped like a chisel.

1. Cut into the ground around the root / stump with a chisel end.
2. Then try to push the pointed end as far as possible under the root. That will allow you to lever up the root. Do it few times alternately from either side of the root.
3. If there are bigger roots running away from the stump under the ground which you can’t cut / break with a digging bar then use an axe or uncover the soil around them and use a small pruning saw to cut them off.

Easy, and it won’t take long neither unless it’s a proper tree stump for which you might want to get a stump grinder.

Good luck !

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