Fence post replacement – Tidy Gardens – fencing

Fence post replacement – Tidy Gardens – fencing

Fence post replacement including new overlap panels

Fence repair as ordered by the customer.
However it makes sense to consider a closed board fencing on arris rails if there is a slope along the fencing line.

New wooden fence installed by Tidy Gardens

New wooden fence installed by Tidy Gardens

Replacement of a collapsed fence.
New wooden fence supplied by the customer.

4″ wooden fence posts
6′ overlap fence panels
fence post caps

One bit of advice..

Just bare in mind that if you are going to replace a broken fence you will most likely be putting in new fence posts where the previous ones were. That means you will have to break up concrete in which your last posts were sitting in.
It would be a very difficult job without a jack hammer so make sure you have got one before you begin.

Happy fencing !

Fencing project in Bracknell

Fencing project in Bracknell

Fencing project. New fence in Bracknell

See below some photos of what the area looks like now.

I dismantled today what’s been left of that former fence and prepared the area..
That fencing job should be finished tomorrow. If everything goes to schedule I’ll post some photos soon after.

The fencing materials for this project include:

– Concrete posts
– 30cm concrete gravel boards
– 1.5m closed board fence panels
Giving the total fence height of 1.8m

All above supplied by a local friendly fence suppliers based in Winnersh.

Soil level on the other side of fence is much higher therefore I opted for 30cm high concrete gravel boards – to create a strong barrier and keep fence panels off the ground and extend their life.
Obviously any wood that is in direct contact with moist soil will rot much quicker..


Job finished on time.
Below final pictures of this fencing project.
On one of them you can see the fence from the neighbour side. Soil level is much higher there.


New fence trellis – installation

New fence trellis – installation

If you need a fence trellis to obscure view from/to your neighbours..

Good neighbours are always welcome but sometimes you need that little bit more of privacy. I supplied and installed a fence trellis on top of a brick wall to provide that extra privacy.
Here’s a couple of photos. Before and after.

Materials for this project:

– lattice diamond fence trellis
– 4×2 pieces of timber in required lengths – nicely finished with smooth edges, that will look much better.

For even better finish you might want to cut one side of supporting posts at an angle. ( see the picture )
Obviously drill etc but if you have a similar situation to the one in this garden you might also need a grinder to cut a piece of a slate at the top of wall so that the supporting wood sits flush with the wall.
The rest is pretty obvious.

Do it yourself or give me a call.

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