Landscaping in Reading

Landscaping in Reading

Landscaping in Reading. Landscaping project now completed.

I reckon it's best to show some before and after photos. I also have a movie before and after so you can judge for yourself how good are work had been.
We followed a vision of an owner who knew exactly what he wanted albeit not from the very start, which caused some problems along the way.
We at Tidy Gardens would stipulate on proper thorough plan before any work is carried out. We are happy to discuss, advise and suggest our best ideas that we think will meet your desires before we start the project.

For this garden, the owners first vision was to have a semi circle pathway running between two entrances to the garden, from either side of the house. Then a large lawn area in the middle and flower beds between newly created pathway and a fence. Owners idea evolved into a patio area and another line of flags to be added along the house. Ultimately the lawn area was closed inside a small ellipse.

There's still planting to be done, which the owner wants to do himself.

Without further ado..

Photos before

Photos after


Please have a look at the video showing the garden before this landscaping project

And the same video after landscaping has been done

Majority of landscaping work was done in the back garden, as shown on photos above. However, we have also been asked to shrink the front flower bed, therefore extend the driveway to accommodate 2 cars. It's been done using same paving blocks to match the existing driveway.

Here's what the driveway looks like after our landscaping work.

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See you soon

Refreshed gravel area and new ground cover planting

Refreshed gravel area and new ground cover planting

Let's not beat about the bush..

Was asked to refresh the area around the vegetable patches and come up with some planting ideas for two borders along the fence. Ultimately Low maintanance borders. Also to plant some bushes to provide some screening and be attractive as well.

Photos before and after:

New planting scheme includes:

  • Achillea nobilis asubs. neilreichii
  • Bergenias
  • Geranium macrorrhizum 'Czakor'
  • Antehmis punctata subsp. cupaniana
  • Calluna vulgaris 'Winter chocolate'
  • Armeria maritma thrift
  • Parahebe catarractae 'Delight'
  • Ajuga reptans 'Braunherz'
  • Forsythia spectabilis
  • Spirea arguta
  • Weigela burgundy
  • Caenothus Yankee Point

Few months later, that is today ( June 2016 ) I have been in the garden to see how things are doing. Everything's good !
Plants have taken in, borders are full and everything looks much better ! Certainly an improvement.

Thanks for looking !


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