Garden fence work / fencing

Garden fence work / fencing

Wooden fences ( we should be a bit more specific and say wooden posts ) break quite often – unfortunately, hence we always recommend our customers to consider concrete posts that will give many many years of “life in peace.” We do understand however...
Garden fence painting

Garden fence painting

We do various things in your garden but this time it is about our quality, efficient and cost effective garden fence painting service.

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Check out two quick videos about our garden fence painting service below.
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Fence painting service from TidyGardens.UK

Completed fence painting.

Fence / Decking – painting / staining

Fence / Decking – painting / staining

We offer a wide variety of services for your garden and we would like you to know about one more – painting and staining

If you would like to paint or stain your fence or decking then please get in touch.
We can now offer this service at competitive rates and in exceptionally good quality.
Painting / staining is carried out with a professional sprayer that guarantees perfect coverage and perfect finish.

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Garden hedges cut / garden borders redone / fence erected

Garden hedges cut / garden borders redone / fence erected

Summer’s over but weather’s still very good and we’re certainly not slowing down!

In this garden we have:

Tidied up the borders, removed all the vegetation, roots, debris and old membrane. Layed down a new weed membrane and filled up these borders with beautiful white Cotswold stones.

Cut the hedges

Put up a new fence

All done in my favourite neighbourhood – Lower Earley / Reading.

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