Sunday conifer hedge reduction / trim

Sunday conifer hedge reduction / trim

A little update..

Here’s our weekend… Partially entertaining at first then busy with a chainsaw on top of the hedge.

Here’s what I like to listen to whilst sitting on top of the cut off trunk 😉 …

Not a huge but quite overgrown leylandii hedge with narrow access to the back garden.
Hedge reduction and trim on both sides and top.

2 trailers worth of green waste.. there was a bit of a surprise when we started picking up cut,dead branches from inside it..
Turned out whoever trimmed that hedge in the past had tucked all the branches in the crown, so we had like double ther amount of waste to dispose off.

Nevertheless job done, client happy, even very happy..

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Garden hedges cut / garden borders redone / fence erected

Garden hedges cut / garden borders redone / fence erected

Summer’s over but weather’s still very good and we’re certainly not slowing down!

In this garden we have:

Tidied up the borders, removed all the vegetation, roots, debris and old membrane. Layed down a new weed membrane and filled up these borders with beautiful white Cotswold stones.

Cut the hedges

Put up a new fence

All done in my favourite neighbourhood – Lower Earley / Reading.

Hedge cutting specialists

Hedge cutting specialists

Do you want to make sure your hedge is cut as it should be? Book a hedge cutting specialist @ Tidy Gardens

One simple thing when maintening your hedges as I mentioned some time earlier is a regular cut, but make sure you do it right !
It ain’t a rocket science, but so many people make that mistake.
Don’t cut your hedge in a reversed pyramid shape ! never.
Instead make a slight pyramid shape. That means cutting your hedge in a way that makes the bottom of it slightly wider than the top.
That will allow plenty of sun to get both to bottom and top of your hedge, making it all grow well from top to bottom.

Simples, right ? 😉

It was hot today, I did not take “before photos” sorry.
Here’s a couple of after photos.

Enjoy hot weather while it lasts !

hedge cutting specialist

hedge cutting specialist

Hedge reduction | trimming  – Leylandii

Hedge reduction | trimming – Leylandii

Over the last few days we had great fun with some hedges. All of them overgrown and all of them conifers. Grow like mad so most probably leylandii hedges. 3 tall leylandii hedge reductions this week! How lucky we are 😮

Hedge reduction after photos below. Look at the amount of green waste these lovely plants deliver!

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Hedge cutting / trimming – Tidy Gardens

Hedge cutting / trimming – Tidy Gardens

When it comes to hedge maintenance, regular hedge cutting / trimming is the single most important thing to do. Regular hedge trim will make your hedge compact and thick right from the bottom.

Why plant a hedge?

Hedge can be a perfect garden boundary, but the wrong one may give you troubles.

  • hedges provide shelter.
  • They dumpen noises, reduce strong winds
  • The obvious they give you privacy.
  • security but not all hedges. Thorny, prickly varieties like for example:

Common holly





  • some hedging plants like photinia give you a beautiful seasonal change.
  • hedge supports wildlife. Birds love nesting in them as well as eating some berries.
  • unlike wooden fences, hedges won’t need replacing for many many years and they don’t require anything more than regular hedge cutting.

I can’t stress that too much.
Hedges need your commitment to regular hedge cutting / trimming.

All types of hedging need at least one hedge cut a year. Some varieties more than one.
A regular light prune is much better for you and your hedge then an occasional heavy cut.
Power tools do a quick job if done regularly. High and overgrown hedges often need costly specialist equipment or professional help
to get them back into shape.

You can avoid a lot of problems in future if you choose the right hedging plants for your boundary.

Hedge planting – the right choice.

The many benefits of growing hedges on your boundary depend on selecting the right plants for the situation. If you choose an unsuitable variety you could be faced with a range of problems, especially if the hedge grows too big. It will be difficult to trim and may cut out light to your garden or house.

  • Its roots could deprive other plants of water and nutrients, and even interfere with paths and buildings.
  • Oversize hedges will intrude on your garden space, and may cause problems with neighbours.
  • Oversize hedges can be costly and time consuming to cut back and most conifers, including Leyland and Lawson’s cypress, will not tolerate hard pruning.
  • If the hedge borders a road or path the local authority could get involved, and insist the hedge is cut back.

Luckily there is a wide range of plants available so it’s not difficult to achieve an attractive healthy hedge – one which will take only as much upkeep as you can manage, and create an attractive feature in your neighbourhood, not a bone of contention.

Growth rate hedge cutting – how often Size if unpruned Foliage Prickly?
Beech xxx Once Large tree D/LL No
Berberis xx Once Large shrub E Yes
Cherry laurel xx Once Large shrub E No
Cotoneaster xx Once Large shrub E No
Escallonia xx Twice Large shrub E No
Firethorn xx Twice Large shrub E Yes
Hawthorn xxx Twice Small tree D Yes
Hazel xxx Once Small tree D No
Holly x Once Small tree E Yes
Hornbeam xx Once Large tree D/LL No
Lawsons cypress xx Twice Large tree E Conifer No
Leyland cypress xxx Twice Large tree E Conifer No
Portugal laurel x Once Large shrub E No
Privet xx Three Large shrub E No
Rose xx Once Large shrub D Yes
Western red cedar xx Twice Large tree E Conifer No
Yew x Once Large tree E Conifer No


Growth rate, for established plants
xxx – over 60cm/year
xx – 30-60cm/year
x – 15-30cm/year

D – deciduous
LL – dead leaves held in winter
E – evergreen

yew hedge

My favourite hedging plant has to be YEW ( taxus )
Classic choice but everlasting and makes an excellent hedge. Doesnt need that much hedge cutting either.

largest yew tree
Tidy Gardens can trim/prune most of hedges, but if you are that lucky and have spectacular yew like on a picture above then DON’T call us. Call for a crane ! 🙂

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